Where can I find the most up to date information about program?
You can find all program information by clicking ‘Program’ button.

Does UniCAM have accommodation on campus?
We accommodate hostel for students who come from far. Our hostel located outside the campus just a walking distance. Another hostel about 6km from campus. Transport is provided with some fees

Can I visit UniCAM?
You are most welcome and meet our marketers for more comprehensive information.

Where can I find information about bursaries and financial support?
You can find it in the course program briefing. For local student all our course can be funded by PTPTN and EPF (KWSP) withdrawal with T & C. For further info you can contact our campus 03-87609000.

How do I apply for the program?
You can find the red button at extremely left of the webpage with keyword “register Now”

What if my grades don’t meet your entry requirements, or I haven’t studied the subjects you ask for?
If your grades do not meet with our minimum requirement, we have an option for students to proceed with the diploma such as SKM ( Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Tahap 3) For those who want to pursue a bachelor degree but without minimum requirement, you must pass SPM and having working experiences, you have an option to apply APEL A from MQA. For more detail information please contact our campus 03-87609000

What are the semester dates of UniCAM?
There are 3 semester in UniCAM. They are April, July and November.

What courses do you offer?

What are the entry requirements for your courses?
Student must pass their SPM, obtained 3 credits from any subjects. Passes in English, Science and Math is an advantage.

What can I do after I have graduated?
Students have their own choice either working in the aviation industry or proceed to Bachelor in Airlines and Airport Management for 2 years duration.

What English language qualifications do I need?
For the local students, just pass English subjects in SPM Exam. For the foreign student it as good to possess IELTS.

Where can I find help for international students?
UniCAM has a dedicated person for International Student Affairs. Just contact 03-87609000

Will I be able to park my car on campus?
UniCAM has 200 car parks. It’s enough for staffs and students

Does UniCAM has any sports facilities?
Yes , UniCAM has swimming pool, café, library, futsal field, badminton and netball court.

What support do you offer for students with a disability or dyslexia?
Minor disability that don’t effect movements of students is acceptable.

What help can I get if I have difficulty with the work once I start my course?
All lecturers and staffs are reliable and multi-skill. You can share your problem with us.

UniCAM Finance Policy 2020
AMC Finance Policy 2020