UniCAM – F001 Rev 1

1) Students who wish to apply for a refund of their Financial Assistance such as PTPTN / EPF Withdrawal / Yayasan and others should use this form.

2) You can only apply for refund if you have minimum RM500 excess in your statement. If you have less than RM500, we can only refund upon your completion or withdrawal from AMC. Details of the exact amount that can be refunded are available from student portal (statement).

3) We can only refund to Bank Islam (BIMB) under the student name. Please ensure your BIMB account is active. All refund to other account bank or name shall not be processed.

4) Our cut-off date for refund application shall be on the 5th of every month, and the refund payment to your BIMB shall be made every 20th of every month. If you apply on the 6th onward, you shall get your refund money on the following month.

5) Account Dept will process the application after receive the Bank Statement for the particular month.