AMC Drone Pilot Course


Program Name  AMC Drone Pilot Course
Duration  3 Days
Requirements  No Age Limit
Location Aviation Management College (AMC) DK081(B)
Kolej Pengurusan PenerbanganNo 1, Jalan Dengkil – Kajang 31, Jenderam Hilir, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor Daru Ehsan 

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Campus Tour Video : Youtube Campus Video

Tuition Fee RM1,900 for the whole 3 days piloting program

Program Information:

Join the this awesome piloting course and the opportunity to work in several industries such the photography /cinematography, real estate, agriculture, construction and even enforcement and fire fighting. With only 3 days of theory and practical, you can master the drone flying which is suitable for leisure and business purposes. Encompassing both theory and practical shall equip you with all the knowledge and skill to become a competent drone pilot.

Career Prospect:

  • Plantation
  • Construction
  • Security
  • Filming and Photography

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