Aviation Management College is set up with the main purpose to “add value” to the aviation fraternities in Malaysia . We want to become the central focus of aviation management related knowledge and information in Malaysia . We want to provide the growth impetus to the aviation industry in Malaysia . As you may be aware, the aviation industry is set to grow in the Asia and Pacific regions (including Malaysia ) with the advent growth of China and India economies.

In keeping to our core values: Customers Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism and Teamwork, our students and participants” satisfaction is our primary concern. Your educational and training well being is our central focus.

Our other goal is to produce graduates, not just with the knowledge, but with the skills to communicate and interact well with other people and hence attaining the problem-solving skills so much needed in the industry. As Thomas More said “Education is not piling on of learning, information, data, facts or abilities – that is training or instruction – but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed”.

Currently, our core product is the Diploma In Aviation Management and Diploma In Flight Operation Management – the first of its kind in Malaysia , with the goal of producing graduates who would be able to increase Malaysia ‘s aviation industry to greater heights. Previously, most of the aviation industry recruitments were from the generalist graduates and they would take a few years before they could be fully productive as they need to learn about aviation knowledge while working. Our graduates would be able to undertake the job immediately as they would be exposed to all this knowledge while undergoing the diploma course at the College.



“Making sure all our students get a great education, find a career that’s fulfilling and rewarding, and have a chance to live out their dreams … wouldn’t just make us a more successful country – it would also make us a more fair and just one”.

by Bill Gates


In 2017, AMC has its achieved its first-decade anniversary. Started in a two-storey shop office in Bandar Baru Bangi in 2007, we are now standing proud as we sit on our own dedicated standalone campus building with facilities that befit a college campus. The new campus is located strategically in Putrajaya which is midway between Kuala Lumpur city and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.  Located in a 7-acre land AMC would like to proudly acclaim that we have come far to the adolescent age of our lives. While we are relatively young, we like to stay relevant in the 21st Century, now also known as 4 IR.  Producing graduates to meet this era’s skills is indeed challenging and innovative.

Starting with the single program in 2007, today we are proud to announce of our total of 13 programs – 12 homegrown diploma programs and one Bachelor (Hon) in Airline & Airport Management program, in collaboration with Bucks New University UK all fully accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency. The latest 5 programs are somewhat non-aviation but with the assured quality, nevertheless.  These generic programs expound AMC into becoming a wholesome college, supplementing our aviation programs to provide the campus with a holistic-learning environment.

We are also happy to note we have now 25 foreign students from seven nations, inspiring their dreams at AMC to achieve their idolised goals. The countries include Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines and Indonesia.  We hope to grow this number and see ourselves as an international college with multinational learning and cultures.

Education is an important resource which decides a nation’s progress.  We carry our fiduciary role seriously and without compromising the quality and follow the quality process in place, befitting the best of any education, one would like to achieve in any good higher education institution. Our system of developing thinking and innovative students would result in the communicative and collaborative skills.   We strive the students not too much on memorising theories, but more of what could be applied from the theories learned.

Hence the entrepreneurial and project-based learning is strongly emphasized upon the students’ learning, and we hope to get as many innovative and creative students from these exercises.  The fact that we have a case of a student who makes it to a manager post during his four-month internship shows the volume of our educational system.

Also, any wonders why more than two dozens of our graduates are working overseas, as you young 21 years old, in countries as advanced as Singapore and complexed as the Middle East? It is a signifying quality of our graduates in the industry environment to the least.

Why our graduate employability rate is a perfect 100% and many of them earning high salary comparatively, is also something for us to be proud of.  This is line with the government’s aspiration for higher education providers to develop high-income talents for the nation.  The fact these young lads are willing to change their mindset and set their feet in the new worlds, say in many words of our educational system.

Having our own dedicated campus is a great achievement, however, we would not sit on our laurels.  Our next aim is for AMC to become a university college, which status we hope to attain in 2021 and with that, we hope to produce our first home-grown bachelor and master programs.

Join AMC and see what you can achieve in such a short time to reach your dreams. Our lecturers and teams will be more than delighted to share with you the experience to become a professional to greater heights.

Thank you.

Capt Ab Manan Mansor

Founder & Chief Executive

“I told my son: you don’t need to be in the top three in your class, being in the middle is fine, so long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only this kind of person [a middle-of-the-road student] has enough  free time to learn other skills. I think, if China’s economy wants to develop, it needs a lot of SMEs   and  individually-run companies, and that requires a lot of entrepreneurs with values and drive”.

by  Jack Ma




LEFT : [ Capt. Nazir Mansor ATC (RMAF) ], [ Dato Brig. Gen Othman Majid MLgt. (RMAF) ], [ Dato Capt Nawawi Awang MBA UK (MAS) ], [ Capt. Ab Manan Mansor MBA UK (RMAF) ] and [ Tuan Hj Arriffin Mansor MBA Mfn. (Consultant) ]   



Be a world-class college with a world-class branding.



Producing graduates with the ability and innovation to face the uncertainties in the ever changing world.



AMC is committed to undertake the following tasks to its customers:-

  • Review all course outlines and curricula at least once a year to meet the latest industry, stakeholders and international standards and needs
  • Deliver teaching in the most motivating, interactive and creative manner enabling the students to easily understand what is being taught based on the course outlines and curricula
  • Set test and examination questions and assessments based on the intended module learning outcomes
  • Assess and award scores to student’s tests and examinations in fair and consistent manner befitting the international standard
  • Encourage student’s participation in activities that would lead them towards acquiring good collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and leadership skills.
  • Award the qualifications only to those students who have passed all examinations and met the minimum scores as approved by the Authorities and the Academic Board









Captain Ab Manan Mansor


Faiz Aizat Ab Manan
Chief Executive


Maam Salina Ahmad
Student Affairs and Admin Director


Hafiz Syafiq Ab Manan
Academic Director





Hazlin Jamaludin
Bursary/Finance Manager



Jamelah Badron
Assistant Marketing Manager



Norhani Syazni Syarul
Admin Assistant



Nur Hidayah Mohd Nor
Accounts Executive



Syahera Sufian
Accounts Executive


Nurul Amira Bang Bang Warsito
Personal/Admin Assistant



Robeahtul Nabihah Anamallah
Academic Registrar


Nurhidayah Damanuri
Academic PR & Librarian



Nur Shazreen Diyana
Academic Assistant


Mohamad Feqry Mohamad Yani
Hostel Management Executive



Muhammad Haziq Ariff Mohd Zin
IT & Social Media Marketer



Nur Raihan Sulong
Senior Content Developer


Syazaliaa Dzulkernain
Marketing Executive



Nur Ati’ah Mulkan
Marketing Executive 


 Amira Roslin
Human Resource Executive


Nur Syafiqah Nabila Jamaluddin
Admin Assistant



Rahazimah Ibrahim @ Ismail
Internal Audit/Quality


Noorjana Abdul Rani
PR & International Student





Mohd Hidzir Mohamed





Faiz Aizat Ab Manan

M/Sc in Innovation and Engineering Design (Aerospace)

Universiti Putra Malaysia



Hafiz Syafiq Ab Manan

M/Sc in Innovation and Engineering Design (Aerospace)

Universiti Putra Malaysia



Muhammad Nurulfaqih Mohd Sajalli

BA (Hons.) Airline and Airport Management

Buckinghamshire New University, UK



Siti Aisyah Ajemi

Master of English Language Studies

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



Hasrol Soib

Master’s Degree in Business Studies/Admin/Management

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Nor Diyana Mohd Salleh

Bachelor (Hons.) in Office System Management

Universiti Teknologi MARA



Umaira Mat Shariff

Bachelor (Hons.) in Hotel Management

Universiti Teknologi MARA



Norulbaiti Mohd Nor

Master of Business Administration

Universiti Malaysia Sabah



Muhammad ‘Afi

Master of Business Administration

Universiti Teknologi MARA



Muhammad Haniff

Master of Science – Physics

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia


Amir Syafiq Ismail

BA (Hons.) Airline and Airport Management

Buckinghamshire New University, UK



Roslinda Awin



Umi Nazira Rafie


Dr. Muzalifah Monil










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