Why Airlines Fail and How to Overcome It Course

Two-Day Course ( 1 & 2 October 2018 at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya)

Time : 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Certificate of Completion will be awarded by Aviation Management College



Managing an airline is not the easiest of job in the industry. Heavy competition, rise of fuel cost and overcapacity have landed many airlines to bankruptcy. Now with open skies policy being adopted by many nations has even made national airlines managers scurrying to the unknown headhunting sourcing for experts for a quick turnaround recourse. Why some airlines are doing well in spite of facing the same industry challenges. There must be something right that these managers have done that the former managers have not. Welcome to the world of managing an airline.


Course Objectives

This course will provide the knowledge and management skills to identifying factors that could lead an airline to failure and how to overcome it. It will also provide the cue of the potential pitfalls that management should nib in the bud to stay in competitive mode. It will provide the type of management needs to be adopted.


Course Topics

  1. Myriad of challenges of airlines business.
  2. Major costs in airlines business.
  3. Profitable route planning.
  4. Ancillary services for additional revenues.
  5. Effective manpower planning and training for airlines staff.
  6. Effective fuel hedging.
  7. Buy or lease aircraft.
  8. Digitalisation of airlines services.


Course Methodology

Lecturing, case studies, group work, quizes  and quick analysis. PPT notes provided.


For Whom

Airlines , charters, cargoes, general aviation and airport staffs, managers and consultants.



Capt Ab Manan Mansor  QFI, ATPL, MBA (Bath)

Capt Manan is the founder and CEO of Aviation Management College (AMC) for the last 11 years. Served the Royal Malaysian Air Force and Petronas as a pilot and a manager respectively. Manan is also lecturing in the Bachelor in Airline and Airport Management degree at AMC in modules such as Human Resources, Route Planning, and Aviation in The Global Context. He holds an Air Transport Pilot License from CAAM and MBA from Bath University, UK.

Hasrol Soib BBA (Hon) MBA, AMMIM

Hasrol is a lecturer in Aviation Management College, and currently pursuing his PhD in Economics and Management. He is an Associate Professional Membership from Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). He has vast experiences in teaching for Financial Management, Economics and Business Strategy and Planning. He has certification in Project Management Advance from Project Management Institute (PMI). Hasrol have been working with a major company such as KL Airport Services, Celcom (M) Berhad, Malaysian Institute of Management.

Faiz Aizat Bin Ab Manan

Faiz Aizat has worked at Aviation Management College since 2009, from lecturing to academic administrative and marketing, now holding the post Deputy CE. Having 5 years industrial experience in Sony EMCS, Japan as Design Engineer, and acted as a Failure Analysis Engineer at Xyratex, United Kingdom, Faiz has been actively lecturing in training and academic lecturers for the last 15 years dedicatedly technical area. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from UNITEN as well as Master in Innovation & Engineering Design (Aerospace) from UPM



RM 2,600.00 inclusive of refreshments and lunches and notes.  HRDF claimable.


FOR MORE INFORMATION,  PLEASE CONTACT: +60 11-1154 5424 (Ms. Amira) | +60 19-275 6337

ONLINE REGISTRATION: www.aviation.edu.my/wafregister

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