Congratulation Team Management in winning the AMC Inter-Program Football Championship

Considered as underdog before the championship started, Team Management which comprises of Diploma Aviation Management, Diploma Office Management, Diploma Aviation & Tourism Management, Diploma Aviation Finance & Diploma Cabin Crew, defying all odds to win the championship for the 5th time, equaling the record hold by Flight Ops.

Team Management won their 1st game in style against strong team of Technical (Diploma Aircraft Maintenance & Diploma Aviation Safety) with the likes of Jemi (Airborne’s Captain), Afiq (Airborne’s Striker) and some other notable names like Shameer, Amin and a few others. Though it was a 1-0 scoreline scored by Amin, team management were in control for majortity of the time, building their attack from the back lead by Lutfi in the midfield.

The tournemant favourite and 5 times Champion Flight Ops came into the final match with high expectation looking into their squad of Airborne players in every position. But it came to a shock when Team Management controlled the match starting their buildup from the back led by Aqil and Afuan. Indeed Coach Sir Afi got his strategy spot on, breaking the midfield DFOM domination. Lutfi was seen everywhere breaking all form of DFOM attack, and supplying superb through ball to the energetic stricker Mahmmud who had been in excellent form in this tournemant. The match ended 1-1 after the full time, only after DFOM equalized at the very end after Lutfi was carried out due to injury. Despite surviving a late scare at the very last seconds of the game, Team Management managed to prevail by winning the penalty shootout 3-2 with Alan scoring the decisive penalty.

It’s a well deserve victory in many pundits point of view, but most importantly, all players under one roof – AMC Airborne enjoyed the game, building match experience through this championship. Congratulation team Management! Enjoy your victory and happy landings always!

Inter-Program Football Championship Result:
# Champion: Team Management – Coach Sir Afi
# Runnerup: Team Flight Ops – Coach Sir Faqih
# 2nd Runnerup: Team Technical – Coach Sir Zaim

Individual Peformance:
# Top Goal Scorer : Aiman (Management) – 2 goals
# Goal of Tournament : Haziq (Flight Ops) vs Management
# PLAYER OF THE TOURNAMENT: Lutfi (Management)

Thank you all players and supporters who participated in our college event. Below are some pictures for your viewing.

Champione… champione… ole3!!

Captain came and support, awarding the match winner!

Good weather for a football match

Team Management Squad – Champion

Team Flight Ops Squad – Runnerup

Team Technical Squad – 2nd Runnerup

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