Aviation Management College is set up with the main purpose to “add value” to the aviation fraternities in Malaysia . We want to become the central focus of aviation management related knowledge and information in Malaysia . We want to provide the growth impetus to the aviation industry in Malaysia . As you may be aware, the aviation industry is set to grow in the Asia and Pacific regions (including Malaysia ) with the advent growth of China and India economies.

In keeping to our core values: Customers Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement, Professionalism and Teamwork, our students and participants” satisfaction is our primary concern. Your educational and training well being is our central focus.

Our other goal is to produce graduates, not just with the knowledge, but with the skills to communicate and interact well with other people and hence attaining the problem-solving skills so much needed in the industry. As Thomas More said “Education is not piling on of learning, information, data, facts or abilities – that is training or instruction – but is rather making visible what is hidden as a seed”.

Currently, our core product is the Diploma In Aviation Management and Diploma In Flight Operation Management – the first of its kind in Malaysia , with the goal of producing graduates who would be able to increase Malaysia ‘s aviation industry to greater heights. Previously, most of the aviation industry recruitments were from the generalist graduates and they would take a few years before they could be fully productive as they need to learn about aviation knowledge while working. Our graduates would be able to undertake the job immediately as they would be exposed to all this knowledge while undergoing the diploma course at the College.


Welcome to the web site of the Aviation Management College, the only college in Malaysia providing specialised aviation management courses. Indeed, all of our diploma courses are approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The aviation industry in Malaysia is growing, in line with the rapid growth of the economies of Malaysia and the nearby regions, especially China and India. The beauty about the aviation industry is that the nation can earn its income while the aircrafts fly around the world. So the classical economic philosophy which contributes factors of production to land and people does not hold water anymore. Many of the world’s airlines workers are multinationals. The greatest challenges facing the industry such as the rising fuel cost and intense competition have also necessitated the industry to have workers with the relevant knowledge and management skill, who could then lead the industry with more efficiency and innovativeness.

People like to travel no matter what the economic situation is, and Air Asia has proven this when in November 14, 2009, at the peak of the world recession, it sold 900,000 seats in just two days! As Claude Grahame-White, the pioneer English aviator who commercialised aeronautics, said in 1914 “First Europe, and then the globe, will be linked by flight, and nations so knit together that they will grow to be next-door neighbours.What railways have done for nations, airways will do for the world”.

The civil aviation industry is generally divided into several major sectors such as manufacturing of aircrafts; managing of airlines, air couriers, airports, helicopters and general aviation; together the other ancillary services such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of aircrafts, managing the navigational aid system and the air traffic control, in-flight food caterings, hotels, and retail stores at the airports and not to mention, another large industry – tourism. All these would translate easily into RM 6 trillion per annum economy worldwide! This is the magnitude of the job opportunities for our graduates.

Why, in an effort to make Malaysia as the global aerospace hub, on 21 Dec 09, the Prime Minister of Malaysia even announced some incentives of tax holidays of 100% of the statutory income for up to 15 years to certain aviation sectors in Malaysia. This will see even further growth of the aviation industry to greater heights with the influx of direct foreign investments!

Our students will be able to appreciate all these facts by the time they leave the College for their entry into the world of aviation. What more, they would be able to contribute to one of the nation’s most important industries. Enjoy your surfing and please do call us if you have any queries. We would be more than delighted to hear from you.

Warm regards and happy landings.

Chief Executive


LEFT : [ Capt Nazir Mansor ATC (RMAF) ], [ Dato Brig. Gen Othman Majid MLgt. (RMAF) ], [ Dato Capt Nawawi Awang MBA UK (MAS) ], [ Capt. Ab Manan Mansor MBA UK (RMAF) ] and [ Tuan Hj Arriffin Mansor MBA Mfn. (Consultant) ]


Be a world-class college with a world-class branding.


Producing graduates with the ability and innovation to face the uncertainties in the ever changing world.


AMC is committed to undertake the following tasks to its customers:-

  • Review all course outlines and curricula at least once a year to meet the latest industry, stakeholders and international standards and needs
  • Deliver teaching in the most motivating, interactive and creative manner enabling the students to easily understand what is being taught based on the course outlines and curricula
  • Set test and examination questions and assessments based on the intended module learning outcomes
  • Assess and award scores to student’s tests and examinations in fair and consistent manner befitting the international standard
  • Encourage student’s participation in activities that would lead them towards acquiring good collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and leadership skills.
  • Award the qualifications only to those students who have passed all examinations and met the minimum scores as approved by the Authorities and the Academic Board




Captain Ab Manan Mansor
Founder and Chief Executive of Aviation Management College


Maam Salina Ahmad
HR and Student Affairs Director

Faiz Aizat Ab Manan
Business Development Director

Hafiz Syafiq Ab Manan
Academic Director


Hazlin Jamaludin
Assistant Manager Student Affairs and Admin

Jamelah Badron
Marketing, Sr. Executive

Mohd Arziad Roslan
Management Executive

Norhani Syazni Syarul
Admin Assistant

Robeahtul Nabihah Anamallah
Librarian, Academic PR

Amir Syafiq Ismail
Academic Executive

Mohamad Feqry Mohamad Yani
Public Relation  & International Students

Nur Ain Fatirah Yaakub
Account Executive

Nur Hidayah Mohd Nor
Account Executive

Muhammad Haziq Ariff Mohd Zin
IT & Social Media Marketer


Faiz Aizat Ab Manan
M/Sc in Innovation and Engineering Design (Aerospace)
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Hafiz Syafiq Ab Manan
M/Sc in Innovation and Engineering Design (Aerospace)
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Fadhilah Binti Zainal Abidin
B.Sc (Hons) in Tourism Management
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Muizzuddin Bin Yusof
Master in Engineering Management
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Siti Aisyah Binti Ajemi
Master of English Language Studies
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Ainol Mardhiyah Rahmat
Bachelor of Businees Admin (Hons) – Marketing
Universiti Teknologi MARA

Hasrol bin Soib
Master’s Degree in Business Studies/Admin/Management
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Muhammad Nurulfaqih bin Mohd Sajalli
BA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management
Buckinghamshire New University, UK

Nor Diyana Mohd Salleh
Bsc (Hons.) in Business Management

Puvanthan A/L Kuppusamy
Bachelor of Engineering in Aircraft Systems
Institute of Technology Carlow, Ireland

Muhammad Zaim Bin Mohd Nor
MSc Engineering Management
Brunel University of London

Nur Nadiah Binti Mahbob
Master of Business Administration
Universiti Putra Malaysia



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