Program Name Diploma Interactive Multimedia (DIM)
MQA Code MQA/PA09092
Specialisation / NEC Field (National Education Code) 213 (Audio-visual techniques and media production)
Duration 2.5 to 3 years
Requirements Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or equivalent with at least THREE (3) credits, inclusive of Mathematics /Principle of Accounting & pass in English
Location Aviation Management College (AMC) DK081(B)
Kolej Pengurusan PenerbanganNo 1, Jalan Dengkil – Kajang 31, Jenderam Hilir, 43800 Dengkil, Selangor Daru Ehsan

Waze: bit.ly/AMCwaze
Google Map: bit.ly/AMCGmap

Tuition Fee RM 5,000 per year
PTPTN Funding RM 6,800 per year maximum

RM 200 per month


Program Information:

Internet and multimedia technologies are among the key technologies that support the economic growth worldwide. Products with multimedia features are in great demand. With the increasing popularity of wired and wireless broadband communications, plenty of multimedia contents are being created, delivered and shared among users via the Internet. There is a need of professionals who possess knowledge and leadership in all three areas of computer networks, multimedia and information technologies.



Program Aims:

 To nurture graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, Innovative problem solvers, lifelong learners and ethical leaders.

.   To advance knowledge and the frontiers of technology to meet the changing needs of society.

.   To empower students with the ability to apply multimedia design concepts and analytical techniques to a range of technological problem, locally or abroad.


Core Courses:

  • Introduction to Multimedia Development
  • Interactive Web Design
  • Fundamentals of Drawing Major
  • Basic Computing Skill
  • Theory & Practice in Design
  • 3D Studies
  • Digital Imaging
  • Interactive Digital Media
  • Digital Video Production
  • Digital Animation
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Creative Media Production Project
  • Fundamental of Programming
  • Motion Graphic
  • Digital Sound Effects





Career Opportunities:

  • Desktop Publisher
  • Visual Development Artist
  • Digital Painter
  • Script writer
  • Web Master
  • Web Designer
  • Storyboard Assistant
  • Stop Motion Animator
  • Compositing Artist
  • Animation Director
  • Flash Animator
  • Art director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Character Animator
  • Concept Artist
  • Cartoonist
  • Multimedia Editor
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Video and Audio Editor



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