Notes on Completing the Change of Program Form

  1. Who should complete the change of program form?
  • This form is for the use of students who wish to transfer from their current program of study onto an alternative program.

2. What do students need to consider when changing program?

  • Students must be aware that there is no guarantee of transfer or changes of program. Consideration will be made subject to the individual entry requirements, program specifications and past academic performance. All the responsibility regarding fees, subjects are totally on students preferences.
  • Students who have entered through Clearing and who request to transfer within the first few weeks of the academic year must meet the entry requirements for the proposed new program of study. The request may need to be turned down if this is not the case.
  • Students who request to change the program in a different Program/Course after the second week of class will normally not be allowed to do so within the same academic year as they will have missed too much class to catch up.
  • While a case is being considered, it is important that students continue to attend classes, submit assignment and attend examinations for their initial program until notified by the Registry of the outcome of their request. The only exception to this rule is where a student has also chosen to interrupt their studies.
  • Students who intend to cease attendance on the original program of study and to start the new program at the beginning of the next academic year must complete an interruption of studies form. If this is not received it will be assumed that the student wishes to complete the academic year on the original program of study and those marks will stand.

3. Where can you seek further advice about changing program?

  • Kindly discuss with AMC COO on your circumstances and whether you meet the requirements for the proposed new program.

4. What are the financial & visa implications of changing program?

  • Check how changing program might affect your current and future funding entitlement, and your tuition fee liability. If you are an international student, check whether it will affect your visa. Not all situations are the same, so our detailed online advice guides explain how you will be affected, depending on your personal circumstances.
  • To those who have applied for PTPTN, if you wish to change your program, you need to cancel your previous application and apply the new one starting from A to Z.

If, having read this guidance, you need more advice, please contact the Chief Operating Officer for advice and counselling service for confidential one to one advice.